Our Team

Our expert staff is committed to providing you with competent, compassionate and reliable service.

Richard Fay



Dick has been a valued member of Main Street Apartments for years, and has co-led the organization since its inception.


Dick also holds a BA in construction management from Michigan State University. Over the years Dick has renovated the apartments numerous times and has done much of the handywork and repair himself. Dick has a secondary job outside of Mainstreet, but is around nearly every weekend on-site for assistance.

Lynn Fay



 Lynn is Dick's wife and has been a key partner in the business. Lynn manages the books and has done much of the design and repair work within the apartments for many years.


Lynn holds a bachelor's degree and MFA in English from Northern Michigan University. She commutes back and forth between Romeo, Newberry, and Elk Rapids Michigan to fufill all of her responsibilities. Lynn has also been a big part of Romeo's community running her own magazine locally named Introspective. Lynn is also the accomplished author of A Good High Place and many other magazine/literary journal publications.